Head Hair


Head Hair

Head hair are threadlike outgrowths from the skin of mammals.  Thin flexible shaft of hardened cells.  Hair is a protein filament that grows from deep with the dermis.  Hair can be divided into three different parts length-wise: (1) the bulb, a swelling at the base, (2) the root, which is the hair lying beneath the skin surface inside a protective follicle; and (3) the shaft, which is considered the part of the hair above the skin surface though it appears first in the epidermis.  Head hairs are constantly shedding and replaced by new hairs.  Every 2 to 5 years there is replacement of new head hair.  An average human scalp has 100,000 hairs.


Keep the top of the head protected and temperature regulation.  Protect from ultra violet light.


Blond, brown, gray, red, black.


Like a lawn of grass.


Above the waist.


Protruding from the top of the head.


Bordered by face, back of the neck and space

Meditation on Head Hair