Flesh (Muscle)



Over 900 muscles under the skin. Muscles are composed of cells or fibers which effects movement of an organ or part of the body. It also has properties of elasticity, conductivity, irritability, as well as static support like muscles of posture in the back. The smallest muscle of the body measures 1/20th of an inch. It's called the stapedius; it regulates the stirrup that sends vibrations from the eardrum to the inner ear. It has the ability to dampen loud nose to avoid ear damage. Hence one can hear rain in the forest or go to a concert without ear damage. The strongest muscle of the body is the buttock; it's also called the gluteus maximus.


Storage of tissue filling in the body. The muscles characteristic is its ability to shorten or contract.


Mostly Red.


Lpieces of meat bunched together. Many sizes and shapes.


Above and below the waist.


Under the skin.


Bordered by skin and sinews.

Meditation on Flesh